Water Sports Buyer Guides

  • Longboards - Buying Guide

    Longboards - Buying Guide

    Want to start longboarding but you're not quite sure how it's done. You're at the right place. Now if you're a skateboarder, you already have a head start however that...
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  • Towable Tubes & Toys - Buying Guide

    Towable Tubes & Toys - Buying Guide

    No matter what type of outdoor watersports activity you enjoy, Towables are essential to a true watersports experience and family fun as well as a way to have some recreational...
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  • Hamboards - Buying Guide

    Hamboards - Buying Guide

    Hamboards come in different shapes and sizes which can often make it seem more confusing to decide which one is the one for you. These boards are exceptional and perfect...
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  • Surf Boards - Buying Guide

    Surf Boards - Buying Guide

    So you want to buy yourself a new surfboard, you quickly search online for a surfboard to use as soon as possible, only ending up puzzled by the variations available...
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  • Wetsuit - Buying Guide

    Wetsuit - Buying Guide

    We know just how confusing looking for the right wetsuit can be. Whether it is your first wetsuit, or you are looking to expand your collection, making the right choice...
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  • Kitesurf Hydro Foil - Buying Guide

    Kitesurf Hydro Foil - Buying Guide

    There has been a lot of misinformation or product recommendations to the end consumer in the last years, as we have seen both kitesurf and windsurf retailers trying to sell foils from catalogues with little or no understanding of the sport.
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  • Kite Twin Tip - Buying Guide

    Kite Twin Tip - Buying Guide

    Lessons are complete and your itching to get on the water by yourself but you just hit google and typed in Kiteboard and all of a sudden you are hit with a massive selection of products you know nothing about! Let's face it you really would not have paid much attention to what the board was, how long it was or how much rocker, or shape it has on your lessons as it really didn’t matter.
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  • Kite Surf Board  - Buying Guide

    Kite Surf Board - Buying Guide

    Nothing in the world quite compares to the feeling of catching your first wave. The surge of power through the board, the moment of silence when all that exists is...
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  • Kite & Wind Surfing Harness - Buying Guide

    Kite & Wind Surfing Harness - Buying Guide

    So you have just started kite-boarding and your just not quite sure which products are right for you. Here at Bay to Ridge we want to make that transition from beginner to purchasing your own gear as simple as it can be in this section we take a look at Harnesses and which one is suitable for you.
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