Product Reviews

  • Ultimate Guide to Swag Tents

    Ultimate Guide to Swag Tents

    What is a Swag? Well in the simplest terms a Swag is a type of self contained portable sleeping system (and so much more than a tent). Let us explain;...
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  • Cabrinha X Breed Foil - Review

    Cabrinha X Breed Foil - Review

    The brand new, Cabrinha X Breed Foil Surfboard is the perfect choice for riders who want a board that crosses seamlessly between surf, freestyle and foiling.With an improved symmetrical design,...
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  • Cabrinha Spade - Review

    Cabrinha Spade - Review

    The Cabrinha Spade is an all round kite surfboard, ideal for riders who like to mix rail to rail surfing with aerial trickery, that is equally comfortable on any sized...
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  • SIC Maui 7'4

    SIC Maui 7'4" Dark Horse - Review

    The SIC Dark Horse surfboard is a versatile high-performance hybrid foam surfboard that delivers masses of fun every surf session. If you have not heard of SIC Maui before then...
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  • Tahe 7'0

    Tahe 7'0" Egg - Review

    The Tahe 7'0 Egg surfboard is an uncompromisingly modern and very user-friendly shape. This surfboard features a wide nose and tail making it both easy to paddle and catch waves....
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